Indian Festival..Mahashivratri

Maha Shivratri is a Hindu festival which is celebrated by people following Hinduism in India.
Shivratri is celebrated on the fourteenth of every lunar month or the day before the new moon. Among all the twelve Shivratris, Mahashivratri is the one that occurs in February-March and has most spiritual significance.
Mahashivratri is considered very important for married people who celebrates Mahashivratri as Shiva’s wedding anniversary. Shivratri is also a day of when the Lord shiva protected us from destruction by swallowing a blue drink which was highly poisonous and could destroy the whole creation.(That procedure was called samudra manthan and since Lord Shiva didnt swallow the poison but kept it in his throat his throat became blue and was also given the name “Neelkanth”neel means blue and kanth means throat)
People often fast on the night of MahaShivratri. before i got married i used to fast NIRJALA(no food no water) for the whole day. and at midnight used to have cooked radish with Parathas ..saltless!!!!now i have kids and it gets a bit difficult to go whole day without food and water so i fast eating only fruits and dry fruits. We pray to Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. devotees offer flowers, and bel leaves also milk.Hindu temples across the country are decorated with lights and colorful decorations.
the whole night they sing prayers and hymns for lord Shiva. It is one such festival that everyone enjoys.
Now next is Holi which will be on 2 march.Eagerly waiting for it!!!!


My absurd fret

I am writing a blog after a  real long time. Would like to thank WordPress for not closing my account 🙂

This is not exactly a blog or article. It is something which has been going on in my mind for quite sometime.

I have two kids ,one is 5 years old and the other one is 8 months old. lately, I have been suffering from bad cold ,throat infection and fever. since my baby is still very small I have to get up frequently and check him. he cries sometimes in the middle of the night and I get up to soothe him and make him sleep again despite of being unwell. it’s all out of concern , love and of course motherhood. one such night while I was making my baby calm down a thought occurred.

when my kids grow up and be on their own while I will be old and fragile…will they be so much concerned and loving towards me then????its a selfish thought coming from me..i know!!! but then I am watching so many incidents on television and internet that I get sad. one such incident was about a professor who lived with his wife. he was a young man. there was a video of him in which I saw him taking his ailing mother(who was a patient of dementia or something like that where she was not in much of her senses). so I saw him taking his mother through the stairs on the terrace on pretext  of giving her some warmth under the sun. then he came back leaving his mother there. after some time a neighbor came rushing to his door banging it frantically . he said something and they all ran down. later it was told that she jumped from the terrace and lost her life… but after couple of months the truth came out .. the professor son pushed his mom from the terrace.

I was upset for the couple of days. thinking from parents point of view. if the roles were reversed then would have mother done the same thing? throwing her unwell child from the terrace rather than taking care of him!!!! when the parents have so much of love and care towards their children then why does the kids outlook change. aren’t they suppose to take care of their parents when they really need their kids???? All this has made me feel so bad. I have started thinking about myself… what if….?

but on the other hand it also depends on what kind og upbringing we give. what values we give to them. I feel that if we give them love and respect we will get the same in return. Also, how we behave and act in front of our kids also matters a lot. they learn from us . most of the time without us knowing.

now I am feeling really light after sharing my thoughts. 🙂

Girls are precious

You know … We are all living in a 21st century… Isn’t it??? Why then most of us are so very backward in our thinking?? It’s heart breaking to know and to see that the news of the birth of a baby girl STILL comes with an expression like…. Ohooo!! 😦 . In India!!! And these expressions are from females only, mind it!! Guess they have really short term memory to realize that they are also in the same category as that little one is. I have hardly seen any male getting as disappointed as these middle aged ladies. I remember watching this program conducted by an indian actor Aamir Khan where he was discussing about this problem and interviewing the ladies who suffered because they gave birth to baby girls. To my horror, I saw one such victim who belonged to a very good , educated and rich family. Until now I used to think that this happens in rural areas where people lack education but NO .. It’s there in cities, metro cities too.
Why do some people consider girl as a burden.??? I seriously don’t understand!! Do they get out of their house blindfolded?? They can’t see so many females or king and earning and self dependent. Taking care of the family as well as themselves. Driving, walking, or sitting in a public transport and going for work. Women do all kind of work , they can follow, they can lead and they can also work as a team.
No use explaining such narrow minded people.they prefer killing a girl child rather than educating her. You know gay marriage is not allowed in India. But the way they are dealing with the birth of a baby girl. Soon they will have to pass the law to legalize gay marriage. When there won’t be enough girls left what else can happen.

Self weaning??

Oh it’s kind of a big day for me. I used to feed my baby boy with breast milk twice a day, during nap and nighttime. Today he suddenly stopped. Why?? I was so frightened, worried and upset. I googled!! Got the answer too.

I thought of sharing it . There are couple of common reasons why the child you once soothed easily at the breast now turns away in frustration, or worse, bites you!
One thing I learnt was that a baby rarely self-weans before the age of 18 months. The closer a toddler is to age three the higher is the time for him to self wean.
The sudden strike of illness,teething or yelping at the baby when he bit you.
That can also stop your baby to breast feed.
Self weaning is also a reason but if the baby suddenly or abruptly stops taking breast milk then most probably it’s not self weaning. Because self weaning happens gradually. From couple of times to none.

I shared this because I was worried why my baby stopped taking my milk.

Now I am satisfied and I understood. 🙂


Cyber Bullying

Came across to one news about cyberbullying . One girl in India was a regular Facebook user. Like any other teenager. She uploaded her pictures with friends and family.obviously people could view her profile and pictures as well. She did not change the security section to privacy . The result, somebody created another account and used her Facebook pictures, wrote that she is a prostitute. The girl belonged to a respectable middle class family and when they came to know about it, they all committed suicide. Really sad. How one person’s fun can really end the life of other. 
I was searching the net for staying safe online. I could get some information on it. I am sharing it here.

Social Networking Sites
Some of us have orkut account or Facebook profile that lets us chat with friends or communicate with other users. These ‘social networks’ let you upload photos and videos for others to see and add people to an online friends list.

Social networks are a great way of keeping in touch but one should think carefully before adding someone to the list of friends or posting information. We must always make sure that we know the person well before adding him/her. Strangers might be not good and have negative intentions.

Using the internet
There are lots of sites around that allow us to chat to other people on the web through various chat rooms . Which is great and fun as we can find like minded people to have conversation but we should always be careful not to pass on our personal details. We never know whom we are chatting with actually. It is very easy to pretend anyone while online. People can lie about their age, proffession place and everything and anything. Do not trust people blindly and easily.

Hope we are all careful and use the Internet wisely. Live and let live. 🙂

God sent Politician :)

Now here is something which I really really really want to share. A politician also a good Samaritan , life saver of six people!! Isn’t it amazing?? After hearing so many misdeeds of Indian politicians like rapes, murders, scams and list goes on…..
This news bought belief in me that the good politicians do exist..

The story goes like this. 61-year-old Karnataka minister became a hero on Tuesday morning by jumping into a cold lake along with his guards and saving a family of six trapped in a sinking car. Primary and secondary education minister Kimmane Ratnakar was travelling in his official Innova to Bangalore from his native town of Thirthahalli when he spotted the sinking car and ordered his convoy to stop.
Kimmane, his bodyguards , driver and an escort vehicle driver jumped into the water. The four men swam to the sinking car, whose trapped occupants were flailing their hands from the windows.

Chandrashekar , minister’s driver opened a rear door and pulled out three children and with the help of his men and brought them safely to the shore. The four then returned to the car, which had by now settled on shallow lake bed, and rescued the other three occupants, including a 55-year-old woman. The man in the driver’s seat by then was unconscious.

A doctor called by the minister treated The family which included a man his wife, three children aged 14, 8 and 3 and a 55 years old lady. The minister called his friends and arranged breakfast and medicines for them. He also gave his clothes before resuming his journey to Bangalore.

isn’t it a good gesture on the minister’s part. Sadly , media doesn’t cover up such news as enthusiastically as news like murders and all. I hope we get more such politicians , the true humanitarians.

Janamashtmi – Lord Krishna’s birthday

Today is Janamashtmi. Birthday of lord Krishna. 
He was the 8 th son of Devaki and Vasudev.  Mathura district,  was the capital of the Yadavas, to which Vasudev and Devaki belonged. King Kansa, Devaki’s brother, had ascended the throne by imprisoning his father, King Ugrasena. Afraid of a prophecy that predicted his death at the hands of Devaki’s eighth son, Kansa had the couple locked into a prison cell. After Kansa killed the first six children, and Devaki’s apparent miscarriage of the seventh (which was actually a secret transfer of the infant to Rohini as Balarama), Krishna was born.
After his birth Vishnu ordered Vasudeva to take Krishna to Gokul to Nanda and Yashoda where he can live safely,away from his evil Uncle Kansa.So Vasudeva took Krishna with him and crossed Yamuna to reach Gokul .There everyone was asleep,so he quietly kept him there. Krishna grew up in Gokul with his brother Balram.Then he returned to Mathura and killed Kansa with the help of his brother,Balram.
In India, people celebrate janmashtmi by fasting the entire day. They can have fruits or dishes prepared by singharey ka Atta ( singhara is the buffalo nut or water chest nut. After drying it is grinded  into flour), potato curry. 
At midnight prayers and rituals are performed as lord Krishna was born at that time. Usually a very small idol of baby Krishna also known as ” laddoo gopal ” is kept inside a cucumber the whole day. When the puja is performed the idol is then taken out from the cucumber and bathed in milk n then water. New clothes are then worn by the idol. Praises of lord Krishna is sung .
In maharashtra , ” dahi-handi” is celebrated on Janamashtmi. Where they tie an earthen pot ( handi) on a certain height. Fresh buttermilk is kept in it.  The group of people form a human pyramid and break the pot by some blunt object and the buttermilk is spilled all over them , symbolizing their achievement. 
Lord Krishna was very fond of milk and milk products.

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Rakshabandhan ki hardik shubhkamnayein

Rakshabandhan is a very auspicious occasion among the Hindus. It’s a bond of protection. The girl ties a beautifully decorated string , on her brother’s wrist. 
I remember when I was young we used to get excited and were asked to fast till we tie rakhi on our bhai’s wrist. All the sisters used to stand in a queue ( age wise, eldest would tie first ) , and wait for our turns. Then we used to get gifts or money. We all sat together and use to break the fast by eating delicacies.

Although, the Indian markets are full of different varieties of rakhis big , small, very big 🙂 . Simple , decorative , contemporary design, and traditional ones, here is one method which I can use to make rakhis at home. Specially useful for those who stay abroad and literally have to hunt down the entire area for rakhis and yet don’t succeed.

Method 1

Take a bunch of silk threads. Preferably bright colours since it will go with the occasion. The threads should be long enough to be tied  comfortably around the wrist. Now fold the bunch. And tie a cotton thread around the one fourth portion of the folded bunch. Snip off the tip of folded bunch to make it look like pom pom . Then with the remaining part of the folded threads which are below the tied cotton thread, divide the strings and make two plats. These plats will be used for tieing. And finally we can decorate the pom pom part with beads or sequins or add round cardboard and cover it with colored paper. Paste swatik or aum, or some other design.

So create it and tie it. 🙂